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Custom Design: A Unique Band For Anna

October 03, 2016

Custom Design: A Unique Band For Anna

One of the benefits of being a jewelry designer is knowing when your friends are being proposed to before anyone else! You can always count on a jeweler to be good secret keeper since jewelry makes for such a fun surprise. When my friend Jeff came to me and asked for me to design a cool ring for his future fiancée Anna, I said "of course!" and I immediately had an idea for what I would make for her. Anna had expressed her wishes in the past for a glamorous and wide band because she didn't want a traditional solitaire band. I also knew that Anna wanted some pops of color and we naturally went for emeralds which are her birthstone. The white gold used to make this band is from recycled sources, the emeralds come Zambia and the diamonds are from Canada. 

To begin the custom design process, I first sketched out a general idea of what I wanted Anna's band to look like. 

First step: (very rudimentary) sketch!
Next, the design was modified a bit and rendered in CAD (computer aided design) which helps bring the design to life a bit more. 

We use new-age CAD technology to open up design possibilities.

A wide band like this has to be designed expertly to ensure that the continuous pattern can accommodate her exact ring size. I also had to size Anna's finger in person because a wide band actually fits more snugly than a narrower band. So just in case, we put a slim sizing bar on the back side of the ring should she ever need to change the size one day. This will ensure that if we need to make the ring bigger or smaller, we won't disrupt the pattern. 

Seeing the ring in CAD helps bring the idea to life.

After approving the design in it's digital form, we grow a wax version of it. Anna's ring had to be grown in three parts. Here's a quick video of me and my design crew discussing part of Anna's ring in wax form prior to casting it in 14K white gold.

Anna and Jeff became engaged this summer in picturesque Joffre Lakes in British Columbia. What a beautiful place to create such a lasting memory!

Anna & Jeff

Congrats to the happy couple! 

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